Estate Sales Tips In Oregon

Estate sales are never easy; hence, it needs pros to handle all the stuff. The experience could be amazing. Consider moving around with a professional to experience the fun and high voltage environment. Estate venture is not a comfortable job. It requires moving to various parts of the city and suburbs to identify the right kind of possessions at the best price. The estates can put up on sale art supplies, memorabilia, sports items, furniture, home décor, toys, old books and more. People on estate sale hunt end up purchasing interesting, antique and exotic items.

Planning Ahead
The first estate sale success depends on how far you plan in advance. The local newspaper will be rife with estate sales and the items along with the description, and the address will be posted in the classified. It can give enough opportunity to shortlist the items you prefer and then get ready for the sale.

Route it Up
Once the locations are identified, just map the places to make it convenient to commute from one place to another without any confusion. The map page numbers are noted for each sale and estate sales in placed in the order of location.

Maps for Easy Navigation
The maps can play a vital role in navigation throughout the trip moving from one sale to another. It can help complete all the sales quickly without having to take diversion many times. In just a few hours lot of estate sales could be covered.

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Cashing on the Sale!
While going for a sale, it is important to carry cash. In most places, check or credit card is not accepted. Bring a lot of cash as estate items can be expensive. Some of the items you come across can be irresistible and needs ready cash to make a quick purchase before someone else grabs it. One word of caution is not to over indulge. If you are particular about an item, it is best to stick to your budget and get into a steep bargain.

Where you can Save More
Items that are of lesser valuable do not come with much bargain. On the contrary, bigger items like furniture are in for a negotiation. Be wise to make the right deal. Do not overlook any item and check for its authenticity.

Ponder for Treasures
When it comes to estate sales, it is important to ponder for the treasures. Do not expect everything to be displayed neatly. Check the dressers, closets, desks and more to check for items of interest. Normally all items are not labeled and finding the item of your interest may be tough. The deeper you dig, the better the buy.

Discounts & Bargains
Discounts are available during weekends and special days. Take advantage of weekend estate sales and grab as much as you can at jaw-dropping prices. The sale starts on Thursday and Friday, and as it moves to the weekend, the prices start to fall. Saturday morning is the ideal time to shop on estate sales. The weekend rush will take time to arrive, and you are sure to get good discounts before they turn up. Some of the best items to shop for at estate sale are shop supplies and gardening tools. Therefore, if you are looking for some good stuff, it is best you reach the estate sale on time.

Wipe away the Myths
Estate sale is not always related to the previous owner’s death and leaving his estate for sale. There may be cases where the owner may be shifting to a new location and want to dispose of their belongings. However, remember it is not similar to a garage sale. In estate sales, collectibles and antiques are left on sale. You can also find some great items, for they come at a price. However, if the owner is in a hurry to dispose of their collectibles then you can get it for a song.

Have a List
It is imperative to have your shopping list ready. There is a lot of stuff that will be up for sale, and all you need to do is to focus on the items of your interest. Old books, magazines, camera gears, stamps, coins, curios, toys, furniture, are some of the items people look out for. Make a list of items you might need for your house and get it at a good price. Keep a budget and try to live within it. Do not visit estate sales if you are not serious about it. You may regret spending on the junk if you are not looking for anything particular.

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