For many people when a loved one dies, times become extremely stressful. After you realize that you will need to help of an Estate Sale professional, things can get even more uncertain. I wanted to put together a list of things to keep in mind for those individuals who are in the process of preparing themselves for this event:

1. Never Throw any items away – Some people think that certain items simply tend to clutter up a space, but you never know what kind of crazy things some people are willing to pay money for. I have had people attempt to throw things away before a sale, that in turn brought in dozens or even hundreds of dollars for them. This is something to always keep in mind, let the professionals handle all of the items that you are wavering over.

2. Don’t give any items away – Some people like to be generous and there is nothing wrong with that. I have noticed however, that the vultures tend to come out when they hear there is a death in the family. They may have had their eye on a specific item for years, and will ask the relatives if they can have just one or two items. Let me tell you…this is simply opening up the flood gates. Not to mention it is taking money out of your pocket.

3. Never Donate Anything – After the sale is one thing, but as previously stated people buy the darnedest things. I have seen people spend countless dollars on something so weird that they think may be worth a decent dollar. Once the sale is over…if there are items left, then we suggest donation is a good route, but not until AFTER the sale.

4. Never sale anything without calling the estate professional you are working with – This is a BIG NO NO in our business. If we have done a walk through and expect to have certain items at a sale that will generate a decent price tag for both you and us…and we come to find out that it is gone. This can lead to trust issues with your estate sale company. I understand where you are coming from, but we value our time as well, and when we can’t count on having trust in our clients…things can get a little rough.

All you have to do is keep these easy tips in mind, and I can guarantee that you will have an easy weekend. Finally, kick back and let your estate sale professional do their job. They will have your back,

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