Moving Sale

A moving sale is one of the most anticipated sale events among thrifty shoppers. This is because most of the time, a moving sale offers its items at the biggest discounts since everything in the store must go.

Moving sales are also more fulfilling to shop at compared to other sale events. Apart from the huge discounts, you also get to help the store owner move out, and this is something that’s not really easy especially when the store had to move for rather unpleasant reasons.

So how do find success in a moving sale? Below are a few tips that you might find useful:

1. Look out for thrift shops

Thrift shops may not always be on the move, but there are seasons when they need to let all their items go, so that they can bring new stuff in. You may want to keep on eye at the thrift shops in your area so that you are updated on when they are going to hold their sale events. This way you are able to be the first among the equals to get hold of their items, especially those that you’ve been wanting to own for a very long time.

2. Go online

Aside from making sure that you are updated with the latest on your local community thrift shops, you should also go online from time to time to look for moving sales. These not only cover stores, but also that of garage sales located in the suburbs.

There are a lot of announcements on sites such as Craigslist, as well as on Facebook, about upcoming moving sales. You can actually get more value for money in home-based moving sales because not only are the price tags offer low cost, the items on sale are personally owned and not passed on to multiple stores. You can also haggle for lower prices, especially when you think the owner of the sale has pegged the items at higher costs. You can even buy items at bulk prices especially when you have found plenty of good finds to spend your money on.

3. Reach out to friends and family

It doesn’t hurt to ask your personal networks on whether they have items that they want to sell, right? Then if you are after second hand stuff, the first people to contact are friends and family. Through them you are able to score items that you know are functional and still worth the price, mainly because you know how they take care of things. They can also give these items to you at lower prices compared to those sold on thrift shops.

Reaching out to your personal contacts also gives you more options; you can either search for items in their basement or attic and see which of the items they want to throw away that you can buy, and at the same time test these items on whether they can still be useful for you. Sometimes you might even find precious items that look dirty or broken, but become good as new when washed and repaired.

4. Travel around

You may not realize it right away but moving sales are everywhere. You only have to look around to find one. And on that note, it means you might have to do some traveling-like literally.

During your spare time you may want to drive around in a neighboring city or town to check whether they stores that are on a moving (or even just clearance) sale. You can also visit Our site and inquire whether they have moving sales on schedule, so you can keep tabs on them and return when you have enough shopping money.

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