Estate sales

Homeowners who are moving out or selling their property find estate sales the best way to get rid of their collection for a good sum. Home sellers prefer emptying their property before putting their property on sale. Estate sales are the best way to remove all the clutter in the house and also get paid for it. Keeping the house clear for the new family to take over could make things easier for them. Estate sales are important to watch out for by collectors, interior designers and antique dealers. These are the places you can catch so pricey possession for a throwaway price. Antique dealers shop hunt for some good collection and tag a hefty price in their showroom.

Finding an estate sale

The best place to start with would be the local classified page. You can find estate sales happening in the nearby locality listed out here. Online also could be a good source of information to find reliable estate sale information. Just enter the zip code of your locality and the information pops up. Images are also included and it can help judge if it is worth the trouble. Though estate sale is different from a garage sale, sometimes the later can also turn out to be a treasure hunt for collectors.

Plan your trip

It is important to plan your trip. Take a map with you. Carry cash as in most cases they do not accept credit cards or checks. So take some time to stop by the bank to fill some hard cash. Large purses and totes are not allowed inside. Do not forget to bring measuring tapes and torch to measure the items and check if it will fit in your place. Sometimes you may have to venture into a basement or attic so remember to carry a flashlight.

Early bird wins the prize

Sometimes the crowd can turn out to be a frenzy. So arrive early to pick your prized possession. The best selection happens between the first couple of hours. One disadvantage could be there would be no scope for negotiation. If you are sure you found your treasure, be there before it is gone. One advantage for late comers is they get to negotiate a deal. After the first day, the price is mostly cut by 50%. The real bargains happen during the final stages of the sale. This could be ideal for those who are not interested in a particular item and is generally there for a bargain.

Be proactive

Take a quick tour of the rooms to scan the items and grab the piece you prefer at once. After you have done with your interest, it is time to go back and check for other items if they appeal to you. Never miss out any box or bins. There may be some hidden treasures inside. Also, make sure to run through the attic and basement. Sometimes the best are stored at irrelevant places. Ask the homeowner for unmarked items like shelves, outdoor furniture, drapes or appliances. Post it marked sold can help mark an item of interest to hold on before you find a salesperson.

Pickup process

Bids are also accepted during an estate sale. If the item is not selling at full price bids are allowed. If your price is accepted they will inform you. Some items may be large enough and may need transportation. You may have to come back the next day for pickup in some cases. Huge items are difficult to loads and if you can bring some workers to help you move big items it would work in your favor. Check for all conditions of the sale.

Estate sales are easy to find if you sign up on their email list. They will call you early next time when there is a sale. While on the property ensures you behave properly. Do not trespass into areas that are out of bounds. Estate sales are mostly arranged by families who have lost their loved one recently. It can sometimes be a sad moment while going through the personal belongings of someone who cherish them once upon a time. Be good to the organizers and never cross your limits. Keep hunting for the best of possessions. Wish you luck!

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